David Woodruff

Woodruff, David

Position Type:
Job Title:
Courtesy Faculty
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
338 FSL
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Graduate Major Advisor
B.A., 1992, University of Colorado, Boulder
M.S., 2000, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Ph.D., 2008, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Research Areas
Genetics and Physiology
Forest, Wildlife and Landscape Ecology
Research Interests
  • Ecophysiology
Tree physiology, forest canopy processes, plant water relations, plant stress physiology, photosynthetic gas exchange
Selected Publications:
  1. Merschel, A.G., P.A. Beedlow, D.C. Shaw, D.R. Woodruff, E.H. Lee, S.P. Cline, R.L. Comeleo, K. Hagmann, M.J.Reilly (2021) An ecological perspective on living with fire in ponderosa pine forests of Oregon and Washington: Resistance, gone but not forgotten, Trees Forests and People 4(18):100074
  2. Cabon, A., L. Fernández-de-Uña, G. Gea-Izquierdo, F.C. Meinzer, D.R. Woodruff, J. Martínez-Vilalta, M. De Cáceres (2019) Water potential control of turgor-driven tracheid enlargement in Scots pine at its xeric distribution edge. New Phytologist
  3. Johnson, D.M., Domec, J.C., Carter Berry, Z., Schwantes, A.M., Woodruff, D.R., Katherine A. McCulloh, K.A., Wortemann, Remi, Swenson, J.J. and Jackson, R.B. (2018) Co-occurring woody species have diverse hydraulic strategies and mortality rates during an extreme drought. Plant, Cell and Environment 41(3):576-588
  4. Woodruff, D.R., F.C. Meinzer and K.A. McCulloh (2016) Forest canopy hydraulics. In: Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration Including Biofuels and Related Processes
  5. Woodruff, D.R. (2013) The impacts of water stress on phloem transport in Douglas-fir trees. Tree Physiology 34: 5-24
  6. Sala, A., D.R. Woodruff , F.C. Meinzer (2012) Carbon dynamics in trees: feast or famine? Tree Physiology, doi:10.1093/treephys/tpr143
  7. Woodruff, D.R. and F.C. Meinzer (2011) Water stress, shoot growth and storage of nonstructural carbohydrates along a tree height gradient in a tall conifer. Plant Cell and Environment, 34: 1920-1930
  8. Woodruff, D.R., F.C. Meinzer (2011) Size-dependent changes in biophysical control of tree growth: the role of turgor. In: Size- and Age-Related Changes in Tree Structure and Function” F. Meinzer, B. Lachenbruch, T. Dawson, Editors. Springer, pp.363-384
  9. Woodruff, D.R., F.C. Meinzer, K. A. McCulloh (2010) Height-related trends in stomatal sensitivity to leaf-to-air vapor pressure deficit in a tall conifer. Journal of Experimental Botany, 61: 203-210