Bruce Shindler

Shindler, Bruce

Position Type:
Job Title:
Professor Emeritus
Forest Ecosystems & Society
B.A., 1968, California State University/Long Beach
M.S., 1990, Oregon State University
Ph.D., 1993, Oregon State University
Research Areas
Social Science, Policy and Natural Resources
Research Interests
  • Natural Resources
  • Social Science
social values of natural resources, public agency-community interactions, social aspects of wildland fire management, communication strategies.
Courses Taught:
  • NR 455
    Natural Resource Decision-making (NR program capstone course)
  • FOR 391
    Natural Resource Communications
  • FOR 355
    Managing for Multiple Resource Values
  • FOR 493
    Natural Resource Interpretation
Selected Publications:
  1. Allan, C., B. Shindler, and A. Curtis. 2013. Watershed-scale adaptive management: a social science perspective. In: J.Stanturf et al. (eds.) Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences. World Forests, Springer Science.
  2. Shindler, B., R. Gordon, M. Brunson, and C. Olsen. 2012. Public perspectives of sagebrush ecosystem management in the Great Basin. Rangeland Ecology and Management 64(4):335-343.
  3. McCaffrey, S., B. Shindler, M. Stidham, and E. Toman. 2012. Social science research on wildland fire: an overview of recent findings and future research needs. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 10:10.
  4. Olsen, C., B. Shindler, and A. Mallon. 2012. Public acceptance of disturbance-based forest management: factors influencing support. ISRN Forestry, Environmental Studies and Sciences 10(5):2-12.
  5. Shindler, B., R. Gordon, S. McCaffrey and E. Toman. 2011. Collaborating for healthy forests and communities: a guide for building partnerships among diverse interests. Science delivery publication for the Joint Fire Science Program. Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University. Corvallis, OR.
  6. Shindler, B. and J. Drohan. 2011. A longitudinal analysis of public acceptance of fire and fuels management: Lessons from forest communities, 2002-2010. Fire Science Digest 5:1-4.
  7. Spies, T., B. Shindler, E. White, J. Kline, A. Fisher, A. Ager, J. Bolte, J. Koch, E. Platt, C. Olsen, D. Jacobs, and R. Hammer. In press. Examining fire-prone landscapes as coupled human and natural systems. Ecosystems and Society.