Mark Schulze

Schulze, Mark

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Job Title:
H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Director; Assistant professor, senior research
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
H.J. Andrews
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B.S., 1992, Evergreen State College
Ph.D, 2003, Pennsylvania State University
Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2003-2007, University of Florida
Research Interests
  • Forest Ecology
  • Tropical Forestry
Tropical forest ecology and management;Forest ecosystem and species response to climate variability and disturbance;Phenology and trophic interactions
Selected Publications:
  1. Sibley, A., Schulze, M., Kennedy, A., Jones, J. Still, S. 2022. Canopy wetting patterns and the determinants of dry season dewfall in a temperate wet-forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 323(8): 109069
  2. Sist, P., Piponiot, C., Kanashiro, M., Pena-Claros, M., Putz, F.E., Schulze, M., Verissimo, A., Vidal, E., 2021. Sustainability of Brazilian forest concessions. FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 496.
  3. Wolf, C., Bell, D.M., Kim, H., Nelson, M.P., Schulze, M., Betts, M.G., 2021. Temporal consistency of undercanopy thermal refugia in old-growth forest. AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY 307.
  4. Brancalion, P.H.S., de Almeida, D.R.A., Vidal, E., Molin, P.G., Sontag, V., Souza, S.E.X.F., Schulze, M. 2018. Fake legal logging in the Brazilian Amazon. Science Advances 4(8): eaat1192.
  5. Ward, S., Schulze, M., Roy, B. 2018. A long-term perspective on microclimate and spring plant phenology in the Western Cascades. Ecosphere 9(10):e02451.