Mariapaola Riggio

Riggio, Mariapaola

Position Type:
Job Title:
Associate Professor of Wood Design and Architecture and Richardson Chair in Wood Sciences and Forest Products
Wood Science & Engineering
Office Location:
236 Richardson Hall
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Graduate Major Advisor
PhD, 2007 – Mechanical and Structural Engineering Dept. University of Trento, Italy
MS, 1997 – Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy
Research Areas
Timber Mechanics and Structural Engineering
Wood Architecture, Green Building and Environmental Performance
Art, Architecture and Design
Research Interests
  • Advanced Wood Products in Architecture
  • Architecture & Engineering Interdisciplinary Research
  • Circular economy
  • Design for Maintenance, Repair and Reuse
  • Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Deconstruction
  • Monitoring
  • Renewable Materials in Architectural Design
  • Structural Health Assessment
Courses Taught:
  • WSE 225
    Introduction to architectural design, considering the different building requirements and the solutions available, with a focus on wood-based products and other ligno-cellulosic materials
    Additional Course Information
  • WSE 425/525
    An exploration of the advances in design, construction and fabrication of timber buildings. Includes experimentation with both physical and digital models and a final project, in collaboration with University of Oregon Architecture students.
  • WSE 526
    Holistic approaches for the evaluation of the performance of timber systems and structures in a building. Learn about the tools available to experts for different analysis purposes, and to understand how data acquired from different techniques can be analyzed and used to inform building management and maintenance, fabrication and construction practices, and future design.
Selected Publications:
  1. Ahn, N., Dodoo, A., Riggio, M., Muszynski, L., Schimleck, L. and Puettmann, M., 2022. Circular economy in mass timber construction: State-of-the-art, gaps and pressing research needs. Journal of Building Engineering, 53, p.104562.
  2. Baas, E.J., Riggio, M. and Barbosa, A.R., 2021. A methodological approach for structural health monitoring of mass-timber buildings under construction. Construction and Building Materials, 268, p.121153.
  3. Riggio, M. and Cheng, N.Y.W., 2021. Computation and Learning Partnerships: Lessons from Wood Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Integration. Education Sciences, 11(3), p.124.
  4. Riggio, M. and Dilmaghani, M., 2020. Structural health monitoring of timber buildings: A literature survey. Building Research & Information, 48(8), pp.817-837.
  5. Riggio, M., Alhariri, N. and Hansen, E., 2020. Paths of innovation and knowledge management in timber construction in North America: A focus on water control design strategies in CLT building enclosures. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 16(1), pp.58-83.
  6. Schmidt, E.L., Riggio, M., Barbosa, A.R. and Mugabo, I., 2019. Environmental response of a CLT floor panel: Lessons for moisture management and monitoring of mass timber buildings. Building and Environment, 148, pp.609-622.