Petro, Vanessa

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Senior Faculty Research Assistant 1
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location: 

306 Richardson Hall

2013, MS, Forest Science, Oregon State University, Oregon
2006, BA, Conservation Ecology, Sterling College, Vermont
2004, AA, Natural Resource Management, Sterling College, Vermont
Research Interests: 
  • Wildlife Ecology
I work with a diversity of stakeholders to facilitate science based natural resource management. My research supports the National Wildlife Research Center’s Oregon Field Station. My work contributes to improved understanding of ecology and conservation for wildlife species such as American beaver and American black bear, which also extends to mountain beaver and various ungulate species.
Selected Publications: 
  1. Petro, V., J. Taylor, K. Burnett, and D. Sanchez. 2018. Methods to predict beaver dam occurrence in coastal Oregon. Northwest Science 92:278-289.
  2. Petro, V., J. Taylor, and D. Sanchez. 2015. Evaluating landowner-based beaver relocation as a tool to restore salmon habitat. Global Ecology and Conservation 3:477-486.
  3. Cafferata-Coe, F., V. Petro, and J. Taylor. 2016. Wildlife in Managed Forests: The American Beaver. Oregon Forests Resources Institute, Portland, Oregon.
  4. Francis, R. A., J. Taylor, E. Dibble, B. Strickland, V. Petro, C. Eastwood, and G. Wang. 2017. Restricted cross-scale habitat selection by American beaver in winter and spring. Current Zoology 63:703-710.