Steven Perakis

Perakis, Steven

Position Type:
Job Title:
Courtesy Faculty
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
166 FSL
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Graduate Major Advisor
B.S., 1990, University of Pennsylvania
M.S., 1994, University of Washington
Ph.D., 2000, Cornell University
Research Areas
Science of Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Management
Forest, Wildlife and Landscape Ecology
Research Interests
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Ecosystem Ecology
Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry, Nutrient Cycling, Watershed Studies, Riparian Biogeochemistry, Stable Isotopes
Selected Publications:
  1. Clark, C.M., Sabo, R.L., Geiser, L., Perakis, S.S. and Schaberg, PG. 2021. Air pollution effects on forests: A guide to species ecology, ecosystem services, and responses to nitrogen and sulfur deposition. USDA Forest Service, Washington DC. 206 p.
  2. Soper, F.M., Taylor, B.N., Winbourne, J.B., Wong, M.Y., Dynarski, K.A., Reis, C.R., Peoples, M.B., Cleveland, C.C., Reed, S.C., Menge, D.N. and Perakis, S.S., 2021. A roadmap for sampling and scaling biological nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12:1122-1137.
  3. Bidlack, A.L., Bisbing, S.M., Buma, B.J., Diefenderfer, H.L., Fellman, J.B., Floyd, W.C., Giesbrecht, I., Lally, A., Lertzman, K.P., Perakis, S.S., Butman, D.E., D’Amore D., Fleming S., Hood E., Hunt B., Kiffney P., McNicol G., Menounos B. and Tank S. 2021. Climate-mediated changes to linked terrestrial and marine ecosystems across the northeast Pacific coastal temperate rainforest margin. BioScience 71:581-595.
  4. Perakis, S.S. and Pett-Ridge, J.C. 2019. Nitrogen-fixing red alder trees tap rock-derived nutrients. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116:5009-5014.