Bob Parker

Parker, Bob

Position Type:
Job Title:
Associate Professor
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Office Location:
OSU Baker County Extension
Phone Number:
Grant County Land Classification Committee.
USFS Healthy Forest Initiative – Feedback to Washington D.C. office.
Society of American Foresters, member.
Oregon State University Extension Association, member.
American Tree Farm Association, District Chair.
Blue Mountain Chapter of the Society of American Foresters, Secretary.
Pacific Northwest Regional Monitoring Team, member.
Oregon Society of American Foresters Annual Conference planning committee.
SAF National Convention, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, presenter.
Eastern Oregon Riparian Functions Advisory Committee, contributor.
Powder Watershed Council, member.
John Day / Snake Resource Advisory Council, member.
Eastern Oregon Forest Protection Association, member.
Oregon Small Woodlands Association Chapters member, Baker and Grant Counties.
Grant County Private Woodlands Association Firewood for Disabled Senior Citizens Drive.
3 County Biomass Study, participant.
Firewise Communities workshops. Baker City, John Day, Halfway, Richland and La Grande.
B.S., 1974, Wildlife Management, University of Idaho
M.S., 2000, Forest Resources, Oregon State University
Research Interests
  • Soil Science
Forest Soils, Regeneration, Harvesting, Measurements
OSU Extension Forester - Baker County
Selected Publications:
  1. 200X. Parker, R., D; Maguire; D. Marshall & P. Cochran. Ponderosa Pine Growth Response to Soil Strength in the Volcanic Ash Soils of Central Oregon. Western Journal of Applied Forestry.
  2. 200X. Parker, R. Monitoring Soil Strength Conditions Resulting From Mechanical Harvesting in Volcanic Ash Soils of Central Oregon. Western Journal of Applied Forestry.
  3. 200X. Bowers, S. & R. Parker, Co-Authors. Simplified Tariff Cruising For Small Woodland Owners: Varplot versus Two Form Class Programs. Western Journal of Applied Forestry.
  4. 2006. Parker, Robert and Steve Bowers. OSU Extension Service. Extension Circular 1582. Timber Harvesting Options for Woodland Owners.
  5. 2006. Parker, R. OSU Extension Service. Backyard Woodlands Chapter 14: Managing Invasive Plants.
  6. 2006. Parker, R. and M. Bennett. OSU Extension Service. Reducing Hazardous Fuels on Woodland Properties: Thinning.
  7. 2006. Parker, R. OSU Extension Service. Does a Marketing Cooperative Make Sense? Northwest Woodlands.