Rajat Panwar

Panwar, Rajat

Position Type:
Job Title:
Professor of Responsible and Sustainable Business
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
132 Richardson Hall
Phone Number:
Graduate Major Advisor
DBA (Sustainability and Strategy): Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
PhD (Forest Products Business Management): Oregon State University, USA
MBA (Strategy): University of Lucknow, India
Research Interests
  • Responsible Business Practices
  • Business and Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Business Management
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Bioeconomy
My research spans diverse sectors but primarily focuses on responsible and sustainable business practices in natural resources, forestry and food industries. My research addresses a wide array of topics like supply-chain transparency, stakeholder engagement, corporate responsibility governance through soft laws, business and biodiversity, bioeconomy, and integration of corporate responsibility and sustainability into management policies and business strategies. In addition to academic research, I frequently engage with multilateral agencies for policy research.

Graduate Students:
Courses Taught:
  • WSE 453 /553
    Forest Products Business
    in the College of Forestry
  • BA 347
    International Business, Honors section
    in the College of Business
Selected Publications:
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