Munanura, Ian

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Associate Professor
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location: 

301K Richardson Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-4271
Ph.D., 2013, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at Clemson University (USA)
M.S., 2004, Tourism and Conservation, University of Kent (England)
B.S., 2000, Management, University of Rwanda (Rwanda)
Research Areas: 
  • Sustainable Recreation and Tourism
  • Social Science, Policy and Natural Resources
  • Integrated Social and Ecological Systems
Research Interests: 
  • Social Science
  • Tourism
Ecotourism as means to enhance wildlife conservation and community livelihoods in the tropics; Constraints for forest-based recreation among the people of color in the Pacific Northwest region; Social drivers of, and tolerance for, human-wildlife conflict in the tropics.
Dr. Ian Munanura is an Assistant Professor of nature-based tourism at Oregon State University's Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Rwanda and his Master of Science in Tourism and Conservation from the University of Kent in England. Clemson University in South Carolina, United States, awarded him a Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. Dr. Munanura provides courses that integrate ecotourism, community sustainability, and wildlife protection. Dr. Munanura's research in the United States seeks to comprehend the restrictions on forest-based recreation for people of color. His research in Africa focuses on the causes of human-wildlife conflict and the remedial potential of sustainable nature-based tourism practices. Previously in Africa, Dr. Munanura directed and advised USAID-funded ecotourism initiatives, worked as country director for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Rwanda, and oversaw the IUCN Forest Landscape Restoration Program for East and Southern Africa.


Graduate Major Advisor
Selected Publications: 
  1. Munanura, E.I., Parada, J.T., & Kline, J.D. A cognitive appraisal theory perspective of Resident’s support for tourism (in press: Journal of Ecotourism).
  2. Munanura, I. E., Needham, M, D., Lindberg, K., Kooistra, C., & Ghahramani, L. (2023). Support for tourism: The roles of attitudes, subjective wellbeing, and emotional solidarity. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 31(2), 581-596.
  3. Munanura, I. E., & Kline, J. D. (2022). Residents’ Support for Tourism: The Role of Tourism Impact Attitudes, Forest Value Orientations, and Quality of Life in Oregon, United States. Tourism Planning & Development, 1-17.
  4. Munanura, I. E., Kooistra, C., & Ghahramani, L. (2022) The role of tourism impact attitudes, subjective wellbeing, and emotional solidarity in predicting support for tourism. International Journal of Tourism Sciences, 20(1), 8-25.
  5. Munanura, I. E., Sabuhoro, E., Hunt, C. A., & Ayorekire, J. (2021). Livelihoods and Tourism: Capital Assets, Household Resiliency, and Subjective Wellbeing. Tourism and Hospitality, 2(4), 347-364.
  6. Munanura, I. E., Backman, K. F., Sabuhoro, E., & Bernhard, K. P. (2019). The Potential of Tourism Benefits to Reduce Forest Dependence Behavior of Impoverished Residents Adjacent to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Tourism Planning & Development, 17, 475-496.
  7. Munanura, I. E., Backman, K. F., Hallo, J. C., Powell, R. B., & Sabuhoro, E. (2018). Understanding the Relationship Between Livelihood Constraints of Poor Forest-adjacent Residents, and Illegal Forest Use, at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. Conservation and Society, 16(3), 291-304.
  8. Munanura, I. E., Backman, K. F., Sabuhoro, E., Powell, R. B., & Hallo, J. C. (2018). The perceived forms and drivers of forest dependence at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. Environmental Sociology, 4(3), 343-357.
  9. Munanura, I. E., Tumwesigye, B., Sabuhoro, E., Mariza, D., & Rugerinyange, L. (2018). The quality and performance nexus of the community-based ecotourism enterprises at Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda: a total quality management perspective. Journal of Ecotourism, 17(2), 160-183.
  10. Munanura, I. E., Backman, K. F., Hallo, J. C., & Powell, R. B. (2016). Perceptions of tourism revenue sharing impacts on Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda: A Sustainable Livelihoods framework. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 24(12), 1709-1726.