Leavengood, Scott

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Job Title: 
Professor and Director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center
Outreach and Engagement
Wood Science & Engineering
Office Location: 

130 Richardson Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-4212
Fax Number: 
(541) 737-3385
Ph.D. Systems Science/ Engineering Management, Portland State University
M.S., Forest Products, Oregon State University
B.S., Wood Science & Technology, Colorado State University
Research Areas: 
  • Competitive Forest Sector
  • Advanced Manufacturing
Scott Leavengood is director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center (OWIC) and has worked in Wood Products Extension with OSU since 1994. As a Wood Products Extension Agent, Scott provided technical assistance and training to manufacturers in south-central Oregon (Klamath County) for approximately 7 years and then in the Portland metro area for 5 years. His primary areas of emphasis for technical assistance are wood technology, quality and process control, and lesser known species utilization. As director of OWIC, his focus is linking research and education with needs of Oregon wood products firms and assisting entrepreneurs with market assessments and product testing. Scott also recently completed a Ph.D. in Engineering Management at Portland State University studying best practices in quality management for achieving quality and innovation performance. Recently, Scott Leavengood received the Educator of the Year award from SWST.


Graduate Major Advisor
Courses Taught: 
  • WSE 462/562
    Second of a 3-term series exploring technologies and management practices associated with manufacturing products from wood and other renewable materials. Subjects covered include process design elements, quality control, and approaches to continuous process improvement.
  • WSE 465
    Learning about and visiting a number of renewable materials industrial and commercial operations representing all parts of the renewable materials value chain. The class will meet daily for one 5-day week immediately prior to the start of fall term. During the week, the students and at least one instructor will meet daily. Lectures will precede visits to industrial plants, mills and sites. At the end of the day, an instructor will participate in a debriefing session, reiterating what was learned during the day. Students will then submit a report on the day's activities. The class includes daily travel and overnight stays.
Selected Publications: 
  1. Leavengood, S., Hansen, E., Negro, F. (2022). On the Hardwood: More Importantly Under It. Newport Beach, California: World Wood Day Foundation. Wood in Sport Equipment – Heritage, Present, Perspective.
  2. Kamke, F., Irribarra, L. F. M., Leavengood, S. A. (2022). Dynamic Moisture Resistance of Chemical and Thermal Modified Plywood. Taylor and Francis, 6. Wood Material Science & Engineering.
  3. Irribarra, L. F. M., Kamke, F., Leavengood, S. A. (2021). Dimensional stability of modified wood composite panels. Wood & Fiber Science, 53(4), 247-259.
  4. Himes, A., Leavengood, S. A., Polinko, A. (2021). Variation in Wood Properties of Hybrid Poplar Lumber by Radial and Vertical Position in Stem: A Case Study from Boardman, OR. Society of Wood Science & Technology, 53(3), 161-177.
  5. Pipiska, T., Leavengood, S. A., Kamke, F., Kral, P. (2021). Properties of the western juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) strandboard. Bioresources, 16(2), 2853-2860.
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  11. Burnard, M. D., Leavengood, S. A., Muszynski, L., Ganio, L. M. (2019). Investigating face veneer check development in decorative plywood panels: The impact of four common manufacturing factors. European Journal of Wood & Wood Products, 77(6), 961-979.
Extension Title: 
Extension Specialist, Forest Products