Kuusela, Olli-Pekka

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Assistant Professor
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Office Location: 

344 Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC)

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-0454
Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2013
M.A., Virginia Tech, 2010
B.S., University of Helsinki, 2008
Research Areas: 
  • Forest Policy Analysis and Economics
Research Interests: 
  • Environmental Economics
  • Forest Economics
  • Natural Resources
Forest economics, environmental and natural resource economics, policy design, sustainable development


Graduate Major Advisor
Courses Taught: 
  • FOR330
    Forest Resource Economics
  • FOR431/531
    Economics and Policy of Forest Wildland Fire
    Offered on-campus and Ecampus.
  • FOR534
    Economics of the Forest Resource
  • FOR505
    Economics and Policy of Forest Carbon Offsets
  • FOR605
    Advanced Readings in Forest and Development Economics
Selected Publications: 
  1. Zhai, J. and O.-P. Kuusela. “Estimating price dynamics in the aftermath of forest disturbances: The Biscuit Fire in southwest Oregon.” Accepted. To appear in Forest Science.
  2. Rossi, D. and O.-P. Kuusela. "The influence of risk attitudes on suppression spending and on wildland fire program budgeting." Accepted. To appear in Forest Policy and Economics.
  3. Kuusela, O.-P. and T. Laiho. "The role of research in common pool problems." Accepted. To appear in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.
  4. Kuusela, O.-P. and J. Lintunen. “A cap-and-trade commitment policy with allowance banking.” Accepted. To appear in Environmental and Resource Economics.
  5. Kuusela. O.-P., M. Bowman, G.S. Amacher, R.B. Howarth, N.T. Laporte. "Does infrastructure and resource access matter for technical efficiency? An empirical analysis of fishing and fuelwood collection in Mozambique." Accepted. To appear in Environment, Development and Sustainability.
  6. Kuusela, O.-P. and J. Lintunen. 2019. “Financial valuation and the optimal rotation of a fully regulated forest.” Canadian Journal of Forest Research 49:819-825.
  7. Rossi, D. and O.-P. Kuusela. 2019. “Cost plus net value change (C+NVC) revisited: a sequential formulation of the wildfire economics model.” Forest Science 65(2):125-136.
  8. Lintunen, J., and O.-P. Kuusela. 2018. "Business cycles and emission trading with banking." European Economic Review 101:397-417.
  9. Kuusela, O.-P., G.S. Amacher, and K. Moeltner. 2017. "Enforcing the rules in timber concessions: Performance bonding in the presence of corruption risk." Forest Policy and Economics 85:52-64.
  10. Kuusela, O.-P., and G.S. Amacher. 2016. "A review of performance bonding in forest policy settings." Current Forestry Reports 2 (3):189-200.
  11. Kuusela, O.-P., and G.S. Amacher. 2016. "Changing political regimes and tropical deforestation." Environmental and Resource Economics 64 (3):445-463.