Johnston, James

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Research Associate
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location: 

343 Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC)

Research Interests: 
  • Disturbance Ecology
  • Forest Management
  • Forest Policy, Public
  • Monitoring
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Silviculture
Dendroecology, restoration forestry, environmental law and policy, and collaborative governance
Selected Publications: 
  1. Johnston, J.D., J.A. Kilbride, G.W. Meigs, R.E. Kennedy, and C.J. Dunn. 2021. Does conserving roadless wildland increase wildfire activity in western U.S. national forests?. Environmental Research Letters
  2. Johnston, J.D., S.M. Greenler, M.J. Reilly, M.R. Webb, A.G. Merschel, K.N. Johnson, and J.F. Franklin. 2021. Conservation of dry forest old growth in eastern Oregon. Journal of Forestry 1:13.
  3. Johnston, J.D., R.K. Hagmann, A.G. Merschel, S.T. Seager, J.F. Franklin, and K.N. Johnston. 2021. General Commentary: Large Trees Dominate Carbon Storage in Forests East of the Cascade Crest in the United States Pacific Northwest. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 4:653774
  4. Johnston, J.D., S.M. Greenler, B.A. Miller, M.J. Reilly, A.A. Lindsay, and C.J. Dunn. 2021. Diameter limits impede restoration of historical conditions in dry mixed-conifer forests of eastern Oregon, USA. Ecosphere 12(2):e03394.10.1002/ecs2.3394
  5. Johnston, J.D., C.J. Dunn, and M.J. Vernon. 2019. Tree traits influence response to fire severity in the western Oregon Cascades. Forest Ecology and Management 433:690-698.
  6. Johnston, J.D., C.J. Dunn, M.J. Vernon, J.D. Bailey, B.A. Morrisette, and K. Morici. 2018. Restoring historical forest conditions in a diverse inland Pacific Northwest landscape. Ecosphere 9(8).
  7. Johnston, J.D., J.D. Bailey, C.J. Dunn, and A.A. Lindsay. 2017. Historical fire-climate relationships in contrasting interior Pacific Northwest forest types. Fire Ecology 13(2).
  8. Johnston, J.D. 2017. Forest succession along a productivity gradient following fire exclusion. Forest Ecology and Management 392:45-57.
  9. Johnston, J.D., J.D. Bailey, and C.J. Dunn. 2016. Influence of fire disturbance and biophysical heterogeneity on pre-settlement ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests. Ecosphere 7(11).