Keith Jayawickrama

Jayawickrama, Keith

Position Type:
Job Title:
Director of the Northwest Tree Improvement Cooperative
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
220 Richardson Hall
Phone Number:
B.S., University of Colombo, 1986
M.S., North Carolina State University, 1990
M.Stat, North Carolina State University, 1996
Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1996
Research Interests
  • Forest Genetics
  • Tree Breeding
My priority is promoting, directing, and supporting cooperative tree improvement activities for important conifer species (Douglas-fir, western hemlock, coastal redwood, and western red cedar) in the US Pacific Northwest.
Selected Publications:
  1. Jayawickrama, KJS and Ye, TZ. 2020. Cooperative Second-Cycle Breeding and Test¬ing of Coastal Douglas-fir in the US Pacific Northwest: Strategy, Implementation, and Op¬erational Aspects. Silvae Genetica (2020) 69, 98 – 107.
  2. Joo, S, Maguire, DA, Jayawickrama, KJS, Ye, TZ, J. and St. Clair JB. 2020. Estimation of yield gains at rotation-age from genetic tree improvement in coast Douglas-fir. Forest Ecology and Management. 466 (2020) 117930
  3. Howe, GT, Jayawickrama, K, Kolpak SE, Kling, J, Trappe, M, Hipkins, V, Ye, T, Guida, S, Cronn, R, Cushman, SA and McEvoy, S. 2020. An Axiom SNP genotyping array for Douglas-fir. BMC Genomics (2020) 21:9.
  4. Geleynse, Scott, Keith Jayawickrama, Matt Trappe, Terrance Ye & Xiao Zhang 2016. Genetic Parameters of Factors Affecting the Biomass Recalcitrance of Douglas Fir Trees. BioEnergy Research DOI 10.1007/s12155-016-9718-2
  5. Lowell, E.C., Maguire, D.A. Briggs, D.G., Turnblom, E.C., Jayawickrama, K. J.S. and Bryce, J. 2014. Effects of Silviculture and Genetics on Branch/Knot Attributes of Coastal Pacific Northwest Douglas-Fir and Implications for Wood Quality—A Synthesis. Forests 2014, 5, 1717-1736; doi:10.3390/f5071717
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