Gupta, Rakesh

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Professor of Wood Engineering and Mechanics
Wood Science & Engineering
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114 Richardson Hall

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(541) 737-4223
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(541) 737-3385
Raymond C. Reese Research Prize for the paper "Evaluation of Tsunami Loads on Wood-Frame Walls at Full Scale,” Journal of Structural Engineering, 2015, SEI/ASCE.
Markwardt Wood Engineering Award, First Place, 2011, FPS
The George G. Marra Award of Excellence, First Place (2010)
Truss Plate Institute's "Award for Excellence in Truss Research" 1995
Truss Plate Institute's "Award for Excellence in Truss Research" 1994
Awarded G.B. Pant University Vice-Chancellor's Gold Medal for the best graduating student in Agricultural Engineering Department (1982).
Doctor of Philosophy. 1990. Agricultural & Biological Engineering Dept., Minor: Civil (Structural) Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
Master of Science. 1984. Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, Minor: Mechanical (Applied Mechanics) Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Bachelor of Technology. 1982. Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, UP, India
Research Areas: 
  • Timber Mechanics and Structural Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Structural Wood Engineering/Mechanics
  • Wood-based Composites
Current/Recent Programs 1. Load paths and system behavior in wood-framed residential structures 2. Non-destructive eavluation of timber bridges 3. Seismic behavior of CLT Buildings Professional Experience Professor (7/2008 to present): Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Associate Professor (7/97 to 6/2008): Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Visiting Scientist (1/1999 to 6/1999): Division of Building, Construction and Engineering, Commonwealth of Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Highett, Victoria, Australia. Research Engineer (9/1998 to 10/1998): Alpine Engineered Products, Inc., Haines City, Florida, USA Graduate Faculty (8/1992 to present): School of Civil & Construction Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA Assistant Professor (2/1991 to 6/1997): Department of Forest Products, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Research Associate and Lecturer (9/1990 to 1/1991): Department of Forest Products, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Professional Affiliations American Society of Civil Engineers Forest Products Society Society of Wood Science and Technology Opportunities for Graduate Studies Graduate Research Assistanships are available for qualified students. Please contact me by email if you would like more information about my program. Please visit the Wood Science website for an application packet.


Graduate Major Advisor
Graduate Students: 
Courses Taught: 
  • WSE 458 (Ecampus)
    Design of Wood Structures
    Study of basic wood properties and design considerations. Design of wood connectors, beams, columns, and beam columns. Introduction to plywood and glue laminated members. Design of structural diaphragms and shear walls.
Selected Publications: 
  1. Rodriguez-Nikla, T., Gupta, R., Kramer, A., and Sinha, A. 2013 Seismic Laboratory Testing of Energy-Efficient, Staggered-Stud, Wood-Framed Shear Walls. J. of Structural Engineering (Special Issue on Sustainable Building Structures), 141(3), B4014003-1 to 8
  2. Kirkham, W., Miller, T.H. and Gupta, R. 2013 Strength and Stiffness of Sloped Wood Roof Diaphragms. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 29(1):04014039-1 to 9
  3. Linton, D. Gupta, R., Cox, D. and van de Lindt 2013 Load Distribution in Light-Frame Wood Buildings under Simulated Tsunami Loads. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 29(1):04014030-1 to 8
  4. Malone, B., Miller, T.H. and Gupta, R. 2014. Gravity and wind load path analysis of a light-frame and a traditional timber frame building. Journal of Architectural Engineering, 20(4): B4013001-1 to 10
  5. Malone, B., Gupta, R., Miller, T.H., and Puettmann, M. 2014. Environmental impact assessment of light-frame and timber frame buildings. J. of Green Building, 9(2):102-123.
  6. Kirkham, W., Miller, T.H. and Gupta, R. 2014 State of the art – seismic behavior of wood buildings. J of Structural Engineering, 140(4):04013097-1 to 19.
  7. Pfretzschner, K., Gupta, R. and Miller, T.H. 2014 Practical Modeling for Load Paths in a Realistic, Light-Frame Wood House. J. of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 28(3):430-439.
  8. Park, S., van de Lindt, J.W., Cox, D. and Gupta, R. 2014 Concept of Community Fragilities for Tsunami Coastal Inundation Studies. Natural Hazards Review (ASCE), 14(4):220-228.
  9. Lucksiri, K., Miller, T.H. and Gupta, R., Pei, S. and van de Lindt, J.W. 2013 Implementation of Plan Irregularity Rapid Visual Screening Tool for Wood-Frame, Single-Family Dwellings. J. of Earthquake Engineering (Taylor and Francis), 17(4):497-516.

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For a complete list of publications, visit Rakesh Gupta publications list (PDF)