Lauren Grand

Grand, Lauren

Position Type:
Job Title:
Associate Professor of Practice and Extension Agent
Outreach and Engagement
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Office Location:
966 Jefferson St. Eugene, OR 974
Phone Number:
Counties Served (OSU Extension):
Research Interests
  • Extension
  • Forest Ecology
  • Forest Management
  • Forest Planning
  • Wildlife
Areas of Expertise: Small Woodland Management; Woodland Management Plans; Fire Ecology; Amphibian Conservation Management

Selected Publications:
  1. Grand, L., Christiansen, A. C., & Belart, F. (2019). How the Woodland Stick benefits Oregon Family Forestland Owners and Extension Volunteers. Journal of Extension, 57(6).
  2. Grand, L., Hayes, M. P., Vogt, K. A., Vogt, D. J., Yarnold, P. R., Richter, K. O., Anderson, C. D., Ostergaard, E. C., Whilhelm, J. O. (2017). Identification of habitat controls on northern red-legged frog populations: implications for habitat conservation on an urbanizing landscape in the Pacific Northwest. Ecological Processes/ Springer, 13
  3. Grand, L., Berger, C. A., Fitzgerald, S. A., Leavell, D. M. 2019. Fire FAQs—Who owns Oregon's forests, and how does that matter when it comes to fire? (EM 9228, pp. 2).Corvallis, OR: Extension and Experiment Station Communications (EESC)
  4. Grand, L., Bevis, K., Cafferata Coe, F., Cafferata Coe, F. 2017 Amphibians in Managed Woodlands (pp. 11).Oregon and Washington: The Woodland Fish and Wildlife Group.
Extension Title:
Extension Forester