Jazmin Gonzales Tovar

Gonzales Tovar, Jazmin

Position Type:
Job Title:
Postdoctoral Scholar
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
350 Richardson Hall
Phone Number:
Ph.D. (Forest Resources and Conservation): University of Florida (U.S.)
M.Sc (Environmental Policy): Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
B.Sc (Environmental Sciences): Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (Peru)
Research Areas
Social Science, Policy and Natural Resources
Research Interests
  • Forest and land use governance
  • Politics and equity and power relations
  • Environmental justice and political ecology
  • Indigenous autonomy
  • Community forest management
  • Forests rights and livelihoods
  • Decolonizing research methodologies
External (non-CoF) Graduate Students
Paulo Francesco Díaz Sevillano
Paula Rosario López Vargas (committee member)
Elsa Adith Izaguirre Vilcarromero (committee member)
Juleisi Fernández Núñez (committee member)
Selected Publications:
  1. Sabo, A.; Perz, S; Schmink, M; Buschbacher, R; Chavez Michaelsen, A.; Jordão C.O.; Romero, C.; Almeyda Zambrano, A.M.; Arteaga, M.; Rosero-Peña, M.; Peralta, P.; Gonzales Tovar, J.; Ferreira da Fonseca, S.; Veluk Gutierriez, F.; Sanjinez Lara, L.C.; Luna-Celino, V.; Montero Alvarez, P.; Santiago, J.; Loiselle, B. 2022. Overcoming Power Asymmetries in Infrastructure Governance in the Amazon: strategies for engaging actors. World Development.
  2. Gonzales Tovar, J., Larson, A.M. & Sarmiento Barletti, J.P., Barnes, G. 2021. Politics and power in territorial planning: insights from two 'Ecological-Economic Zoning' multi-stakeholder processes in the Brazilian Amazon. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods. International Forestry Review 23(S1).
  3. Gonzales Tovar, J., Sarmiento Barletti, J.P., Larson, A.M., Barnes, G., Tucker, C.M. 2021. Can multistakeholder forums empower indigenous and local communities and promote forest conservation? A comparative analysis of territorial planning in two Brazilian states with contrasting contexts. Conservation Science and Practice. 2021;3:e326.
  4. Larson, A.M., Libert Amico, A., Martius, C., Ravikumar, A., Tovar, J.G., Kowler, L.F., Myers, R., Rodriguez-Ward, D., Sanders, A., Trench, T., Yang, A.L., & Deschamps, P.R. 2018. Can multilevel governance transform business-as-usual trajectories driving deforestation? Lessons for REDD+ and beyond. CIFOR infobrief.