Carla Goncalves Reis

Goncalves Reis, Carla

Position Type:
Job Title:
Postdoctoral Scholar
Forest Ecosystems & Society
M.S. 2013. Ecology. University of Brasilia, Brazil
Ph.D. 2018. Ecology. University of Brasilia, Brazil
Post-Doctoral Fellow. 2018. National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil
Research Interests
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Global Change Biology
  • Terrestrial Systems Science
Research statement: My research centers on ecosystem functioning, focusing on biological N fixation and overall N cycling in natural ecosystems. I mostly rely on biogeochemical frameworks, stable isotope analyses, and meta-analysis and synthesis efforts to answer my research questions. I am currently working on a multi-scale synthesis of N fixation rates and drivers across the terrestrial biosphere.
Selected Publications:
  1. Soper, F.M., Taylor, B.N., Winbourne, J.B., Wong, M.Y., Dynarski, K.A., Reis, C.R.G., Peoples, M.B., Cleveland, C.C., Reed, S.C., Menge, D.N.L., Perakis, S.S., 2021. A roadmap for sampling and scaling biological nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12, 1122–1137.
  2. Reis, C.R.G., Pacheco, F.S., Reed, S.C., Tejada, G., Nardoto, G.B., Forti, M.C., Ometto, J.P., 2020. Biological nitrogen fixation across major biomes in Latin America: Patterns and global change effects. Science of the Total Environment 746, 140998.
  3. Reis, C.R.G., Reed, S.C., Oliveira, R.S., Nardoto, G.B., 2019. Isotopic evidence that nitrogen enrichment intensifies nitrogen losses to the atmosphere from subtropical mangroves. Ecosystems 22, 1126–1144.
  4. Reis, C.R.G., Nardoto, G.B., Oliveira, R.S., 2017. Global overview on nitrogen dynamics in mangroves and consequences of increasing nitrogen availability for these systems. Plant and Soil 410, 1–19.
  5. Reis, C.R.G., Nardoto, G.B., Rochelle, A.L.C., Vieira, S.A., Oliveira, R.S., 2017. Nitrogen dynamics in subtropical fringe and basin mangrove forests inferred from stable isotopes. Oecologia 183, 841–848.