Kidane Giday

Giday, Kidane

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Job Title:
Associate Professor of Forestry (Practice) and Extension Agent
Outreach and Engagement
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Counties Served (OSU Extension):
Klamath, Lake
Research Interests
  • Forest Ecology
  • Forest Regeneration
  • Forest Restoration
  • Carbon Management
  • Dry Forest
  • Forest Biomass
Selected Publications:
  1. Afeworki Hagos Mesfin, Kidane Giday Gebremedhin, Tewodros Tefera, Mulugeta Diro, and Remko Vonk, 2024.  Pathways and policy options for food and nutrition gaps in arid agricultural farming systems in the Tigray Region, north Ethiopia. Heliyon 10 (2024). 

  2. Kidane Giday; Debebe, Fekadu; Raj, Antony Joseph; Gebremeskel, Destaalem, 2019. Studies on farmland woody species diversity and their socioeconomic importance in Northwestern Ethiopia Tropical Plant Research, v 6(2): 241-249. 

  3. Kidane Giday, Raf Aerts, Bart Muys, Enrique Troyo-Diéguez, Hossein Azadi, 2019. The effect of shade levels on the survival and growth of planted trees in dry afromontane forest: Implications for restoration success. Elsevier, Journal of Arid Environments, Volume 170. 

  4. Giday, K., B Humnessa, B Muys, F Taheri, H Azadi, 2018. Effects of livestock grazing on key vegetation attributes of a remnant forest reserve: The case of Desa'a Forest in northern Ethiopia Global Ecology and Conservation v. 14. 

  5. Kidane Giday, G. Eshete, P. Barklund, W. Aertsen, B. Muys, 2013. Wood biomass functions for Acacia abyssinica trees and shrubs and implications for provision of ecosystem services in a community managed exclosure in Tigray, Ethiopia. Journal of Arid Environments, 94: 80 – 86.

Extension Title:
Extension Forester