Gallo, Adrian

Position Type: 
Graduate Student
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Degree Sought: 
Office Location: 

380 Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC)

Major Professor: 
Research Interests: 
  • Soil Science
Born and raised in the California, my father took me hiking/backpacking as a kid and I've never stopped. I completed my undergrad in Soil Science with a Geology minor at Cal Poly SLO in 2013 and partnered with the Forest Service to complete a senior project relating to the impacts of thinning treatments on soils in southwestern Oregon. During summers at Cal Poly I worked as a Soils Technician on the Tongass National Forest beginning a 10-year timber harvest plan to identify areas suitable for harvest based on soil, topographical, and hydrological factors. I continued my education at OSU starting a Masters of Science degree with Dr. Jeff Hatten on a Long-Term Soil Productivity (LTSP) experiment near Eugene, OR monitoring the effects of intensive biomass removal on soil temperature, water, and nutrient dynamics. That soil physics research was funded by the USDA-supported Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) group alongside the University of Washington. I completed the MS in 2016 while simultaneously beginning a PhD project funded by the National Science Foundation focusing on soils of the newly initiated National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). The new network has over 40 sites across the US and my current project aims to better understand the major eco-climatic factors that influence nutrient cycling across the US. My work is ongoing and is focused on soil biogeochemistry of the NEON sites especially the roles of lignin, cellulose, and pyrogenic carbon in these ecosystems. I am currently the instructor for FOR 206 & FOR 208 (Spring 2019)