Bill Emmingham

Emmingham, Bill

Position Type:
Job Title:
Professor Emeritus
Forest Ecosystems & Society
B.S., 1961, University of Idaho, Moscow
M.S., 1972, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Ph.D., 1974, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Research Interests
  • Silviculture
Applied silviculture
Selected Publications:
  1. Hayes, J.P., S.S. Chan, W.H. Emmingham, J.C. Tappeiner, L.D. Kellogg, and J.D. Bailey. 1997. Wildlife response to thinning young forests in the Pacific Northwest. J. For. 95(8):28-33.
  2. McComb, W.C., T.A. Spies, and W.H. Emmingham. 1993. Douglas-fir forests: managing timber and mature-forest habitat. J. For. 91(12):31-42.
  3. Emmingham, W.H., R. Holthausen, and M. Vomocil. 1992. Silviculture Systems and Stand Management. Chapter 6, p. 123-142. In Hugh C. Black (ed.), Silviculture Approaches to Animal Damage Management in Pacific Northwest Forests. USDA Forest Service, Pacific N.W. Research Station. Gen. Tech. Rept. PNW-GTR-287.
  4. Emmingham, W.H. and J.A. Entry. 1991. Economic comparisons of cluster and grid planting methods, p. 235-238. In D.M. Baumgartner and J.E. Lotan (eds.), Interior Douglas-fir: The Species and Its Management. Univ. Wash. Press.
  5. Emmingham, W.H., M. Bondi, and D. Hibbs. 1989. Underplanting western hemlock in a red alder thinning: Early survival, growth, and damage. New Forests 3:31-43.