Duane, Maureen

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Forest Ecosystems & Society
B.S., 1996, Mary Washington College, Biology
M.S., 2002, Oregon State University, Forest Ecology
Manager for Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology (LARSE), Betts Forest Landscape Ecology Lab and the Spies Lab. Project manager - Go Big or Go Home? Project; Secretary/Treasurer – Association for Forest Spatial Analysis Technologies (ForestSAT)
Selected Publications: 
  1. Duane, M.V., W.B. Cohen, J.L. Campbell, T. Hudiburg, D.P. Turner, D. Weyermann. 2010. Implications of alternative field-sampling designs on Landsat-based mapping of stand age and carbon stocks in Oregon forests, Forest Science 56:405-416.
  2. Turner, D.P., Göckede, M., Law, B.E., Ritts, W.D., Cohen, W.B., Yang, Z., Hudiburg, T., Kennedy, R., Duane, M. 2011. Multiple constraint analysis of regional land surface carbon flux. TellusB 63:207-221.
  3. Turner, D.P, W.D. Ritts, Z. Yang, R.E. Kennedy, W.B. Cohen, M.V. Duane, P.E. Thornton, B.E. Law. 2011. Decadal trends in net ecosystem production and net ecosystem carbon balance for a regional socioecological system, Forest Ecology & Management. 262 (2011) 1318–1325.
  4. Hudiburg, T.M., B.E. Law, D.P. Turner, J. Campbell, D. Donato, and M. Duane. 2009. Carbon dynamics of Oregon and Northern California forests and potential land-based carbon storage. Ecological Applications 19:163–180.
  5. Turner, D.P., Ritts, W.D., Law, B.E., Cohen, W.B., Yang, Z., Hudiburg, T., Campbell, J.L., Duane, M. 2007. Scaling net ecosystem production and net biome production over a heterogeneous region in the western United States. Biogeosciences 4:597-612.
  6. Krankina, O.N., M.E. Harmon, W.B. Cohen, D.R. Oetter, O. Zyrina., and M.V. Duane. 2004. Carbon Stores, Sinks, and Sources in Forests of Northwestern Russia: Can We Reconcile Forest Inventories with Remote Sensing Results? Climatic Change 67: 257-272.