Emily Jane Davis

Davis, Emily Jane

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Associate Professor and Fire Program Director and Administrative Director and Principal Investigator of the Northwest Fire Science Consortium
Outreach and Engagement
Forest Ecosystems & Society
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Graduate Major Advisor
B.A., McGill University
M.A., University of British Columbia
Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Research Areas
Integrated Social and Ecological Systems
Research Interests
  • Extension
  • Fire Ecology
  • Rural Development
  • Social Science
Natural resource social science, environmental governance, collaboration, community organization and development, wildfire response, science delivery, and social learning. Current research includes: Co-Managing Risk or Parallel Play? Examining Connectivity Across Wildfire Risk Mitigation and Fire Response in the Intermountain West (funded by the Joint Fire Science Program), Capacity Assessment for the Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program in California (funded by the Watershed Research and Training Center), and All Lands Peer Learning and Assistance (funded by the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition).
Extension Specialist – Collaborative Conservation
Selected Publications:
  1. Davis, E.J., Wilmsen, C., Machado, M.A., & Alessi, G. 2023. Multiple Stories, Multiple Marginalities: The Labor-Intensive Forest and Fire Stewardship Workforce in Oregon. Fire 6(7): 268.
  2. Deak, A., Huber-Stearns, H., Crandall, M., Poudel, K., Davis, E.J., Coughlan, M., & Wilmsen, C. 2023. Documenting Twenty Years of the Contracted Labor-Intensive Forestry Workforce on National Forest System Lands in the United States. In press, Journal of Forestry.
  3. Charnley, S., Davis, E.J., & J. Schelhas. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Forest Service: Insights for Local Job Creation and Equity from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Journal of Forestry 121(3): 282-291.
  4. Davis, E.J., Huber-Stearns, H., Caggiano, M., McAvoy, D., Cheng, A.S., Deak, A., & Evans, A. 2022. Managed Wildfire: A Strategy Facilitated by Civil Society Partnerships and Interagency Cooperation. Society and Natural Resources 35(8): 914-932.
  5. Davis, E.J., Huber-Stearns, H., Cheng, A.S., & Jacobson, M. 2021. Transcending Parallel Play: Boundary Spanning for Collective Action in Wildfire Management. Fire (4)3: 41.
  6. Please contact me for a list of my policy and practitioner-oriented publications.
Extension Title:
Fire Program Director