Janean Creighton

Creighton, Janean

Position Type:
Job Title:
Associate Professor; Director, MNR Program
Forest Ecosystems & Society
Office Location:
202 Richardson Hall
Phone Number:
Ph.D., 2005 Natural Resources and Environment, Washington State University
M.S., 1996 Wildlife Biology, Washington State University
B.A., 1983 Theater Arts, Cornish Institute of the Arts
Research Areas
Social Science, Policy and Natural Resources
Research Interests
  • Extension
  • Human Dimensions
  • Natural Resources
  • Social Science
Program focus: Science communication to inform natural resource management decisions; consensus building and collaborative decision making
External (non-CoF) Graduate Students
Jackie Barry
Courses Taught:
  • SNR 512
    Sustainable Natural Resource Development
  • FES 485/585
    Consensus and Natural Resources
  • NR 455
    Natural Resources Decision Making
  • MNR 560
    Developing the MNR Capstone Proposal
Selected Publications:
  1. Creighton, J.H., Berger C.A., Johnson J.E. 2019. Key issues affecting Oregon family forest owners: A scoping review of the literature and survey analysis of educational service providers. Small-scale forestry. 18, 411.
  2. Creighton, J.H., K.A. Blatner, and M.S. Carroll. 2016. For the love of the land: generational land transfer and the future of family forests in western Washington state, USA. Small-Scale Forestry. On-line first: (DOI) 10.1007/s11842-015-9301-2.
  3. Creighton, J., M. Strobel, S. Hardegree, R. Steels, B. Van Horne, B. Gravenmier, W. Owen, D. Peterson, L.Hoang, N. Little, J. Bochicchio, W. Hall, M. Cole, S. Hestvik, J. Olson. 2015: Northwest Regional Climate Hub Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies, A. Perry, Ed., United States Department of Agriculture, 52 pp.
  4. Fischer, A.P., K. Vance-Borland, K.M. Burnett, S.S. Hummel, J. Creighton and S. Johnson. 2014. Does the social capital in networks of “fish and fire” scientists and managers suggest learning? Society and Natural Resources 27:671-688.
  5. Davis, E.J., C Moseley, C. Olsen, J. Abrams, and J. Creighton. 2013. Diversity and dynamism of fire science user needs. Journal of Forestry 111(2):101-107.
  6. Grotta, A.T., J.H. Creighton, C. Schnepf, and S. Kantor. 2013. Family forest owners and climate change: understanding, attitudes and educational needs. Journal of Forestry 111(2):87-93.
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