Cohen, Warren

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Job Title: 
Research Associate
Forest Ecosystems & Society
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362 FSL

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(541) 750-7322
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(541) 750-7329
B.S., 1978, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
M.S., 1984, University of Maine, Orono
Ph.D., 1989, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins
Research Interests: 
  • Remote Sensing
Scaling field-based ecological information to landscape and regional levels with remote sensing and models; examining losses of information with scaling-induced generalization; interpretations and applications of lidar data for characterizations of forest structure.
Research Forester and Director Laboratory for Application of Remote Sensing in Ecology USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Courses Taught: 
  • FS 505
    Reading & Conference
Selected Publications: 
  1. Powell, S.L., W.B. Cohen, S.P. Healey, R.E. Kennedy, G.G. Moisen, K.B. Pierce, and J.L. Ohmann. 2010. Quantification of Live Aboveground Forest Biomass Dynamics with Landsat Time-Series and Field Inventory Data: A Comparison of Empirical Modeling Approaches, Remote Sensing of Environment 114:1053-1068.
  2. Spies, T.A., J.D. Miller, J.B. Buchanan, J.F. Lehmkuhl, J.F. Franklin, S.P. Healey, P.F. Hessburg, H.D. Safford, W.B. Cohen, R.H. Kennedy, E.E. Knapp, J.K. Agee, and M. Moeur. 2010. Underestimating risks to the northern spotted owl in fire-prone forests:  a response to Hanson et al., Conservation Biology Volume 24 Issue 1, Pages 330 - 333. DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2009.01414.x
  3. Kennedy, R.E., P.A. Townsend, J. Gross, W.B. Cohen, P. Bolstad, Y.Q. Wang, and P. Adams. 2009. Remote sensing change detection tools and natural resource managers: Understanding concepts and tradeoffs in the design of landscape monitoring projects, Remote Sensing of Environment Vol. 113, No. 7 pp. 1382-1396.
  4. Kim, Y., Z. Yang, W.B. Cohen, D. Pflugmacher, C. Lauver, J.L. Vankat. 2009. Distinguishing between live and dead standing tree biomass on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, USA using small-footprint lidar data, Remote Sensing of Environment, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2009.07.010.
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  10. Pascual, C., A. García-Abril, L.G. García-Montero, S. Martín-Fernández, and W.B. Cohen. 2008. Forest stand delineation and structure characterization using lidar data in heterogeneous pine forests of Spain. Forest Ecology and Management 255:3677-3685.
  11. Powell, S.L., W.B. Cohen, Z. Yang, J. Pierce, and M. Alberti. 2008. Quantification of impervious surface in the Snohomish Water Resources Inventory Area of Western Washington from 1972-2006, Remote Sensing of Environment 112:1895-1908.
  12. Schroeder,T.A., A. Gray, M.E. Harmon, D.O. Wallin, and W.B. Cohen. 2008. Estimating live forest carbon dynamics with a Landsat-based curve fitting approach , Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 02:023519, DOI:10.1117/12.804055.
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