James Boyle

Boyle, James

Position Type:
Job Title:
Emeritus Professor
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
BS in Forestry, 1962, Iowa State University
MF in Forest Ecology, 1963, Yale School of Forestry
PhD in Forest Soils and Ecology, 1967, Yale University
Research Interests
  • Forest Ecology
  • Soil Science
Current interests: Synthesizing and integrating information about: potentially sustainable forestry; forest soil ecology; biogeochemistry; forest ecology; sustained forest productivity; planted forests; tree-soil interactions; nutrients and biota in forest soils
Selected Publications:
  1. Boyle, James R., Robert F. Powers, editors, 2001. Forest Soils and Ecosystem Sustainability.
  2. Forest Soils and Ecosystem Sustainability. 2001. Papers available in: Forest Ecology and Management Special Issue, Volume 138, nos.1-3 (2000), 462 pages. (book apparently out of print; available from some used book sellers.)
  3. Boyle, J.R., J.K. Winjum, K. Kavanagh, and E.C. Jensen, editors. 1999. Planted Forests: Contributions to the Quest for Sustainable Societies. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht .
  4. Boyle, J.R. 1998. Planted forests: views and viewpoints. New Forests. 17(1/3):5-9
  5. Boyle, James R. et al. 1998. Cumulative Effects of Forest Practices: An Example Framework For Evaluation from Oregon, U.S.A. Biomass and Bioenergy 13 (4,5):223-245.
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  7. Boyle, J.R. 1992. Creating new visions of sustainable forestry. Forest Perspectives. 2(1)20-21.
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