Belart, Francisca

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Outreach and Engagement
Office Location: 

405 Snell Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-5613
Ph.D. Sustainable Forest Management, Oregon State University, 2016 Minor in Statistics
M.S Forest Engineering, Oregon State University, 2008
B.S Forestry, Universidad Austral de Chile, 2006
Forest Engineer, Universidad Austral de Chile, 2006
Research Areas: 
  • Engineering for Sustainable Forestry
  • Forest Operations Planning and Management
Research Interests: 
  • Forest Road Design
  • Harvesting
Timber harvesting systems; Forest worker safety; New technologies for forest operations; Forest roads and water quality
Extension Specialist – Timber Harvesting


Graduate Major Advisor
Graduate Students: 
Selected Publications: 
  1. Belart, F., B. Leshchinsky, J. Sessions, W. Chung, P. Green, J. Wimer and B. Morrissette. 2019. Sliding Stability of Cable-Assisted Tracked Equipment on Steep Slopes. Forest Science: In Press,
  2. Belart, F., J. Sessions and G. Murphy. 2019. Seasonal changes in live tree branch moisture in Oregon, USA: Four Case Studies. Forest Science 65(1):100-107,
  3. Mancuso, A., F. Belart and B. Leshchinsky. 2018. Operative loading in cable yarding systems: field observations of static and dynamic tensions in mobile anchor systems. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 48(11): 1406-1410,
  4. Mancuso, A., F. Belart, B. Leshchinsky, M.L. Russell and J. Kiser. 2018. Behavior and assessment of mobile anchors in cable yarding systems. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 48(11): 1382-1387,
  5. Cushing, T., F. Belart and S. Bowers. 2018. A Survey of Logger Concerns When Working with Small Woodland Owners. Small Scale Forestry doi: 10.1007/s11842-018-9401-x
  6. Bowers S. and F. Belart. 2018. Harvesting and Selling Timber. A field guide for Woodland Owners EM9197. Oregon State University Extension Service. 103p.
  7. Belart, F., B. Leshchinsky and J. Sessions. 2017. Finite element analysis to predict in-forest stored harvest residue moisture content. Forest Science 63(4) 362-376. DOI: 10.5849/FS-2016-064R1
  8. Belart, F., J. Sessions, B. Leshchinsky and G. Murphy. 2017. Economic implications of moisture content and logging system in forest harvest residue delivery for energy production: a case study. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 47(4) 458-466. DOI: 10.1139/cjfr-2016-0428
Extension Title: 
Extension Specialist, Timber Harvesting