Adams, Darius

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Professor Emeritus
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
PhD, 1972, Wildland Resource Science, UC-Berkeley
MS, 1968, Forest Science, Yale University
BS, 1966, Forest Management, Humboldt State University
Current research interests: Forest sector modeling; estimating the impacts of carbon sequestration strategies through tree planting
Marcus Wallenberg Prize, 2023. Jointly with Joseph Buongiorno and Richard Haynes.
Selected Publications: 
  1. Tappeiner J, D Adams, C Montgomery, and D Maguire. 2021 (May). Growth of Managed Older Douglas-fir Stands: Implications of the Black Rock Thinning Trial in the Coast Range of Western Oregon. Journal of Forestry 120(3):282-288.
  2. Adams DM, GS Latta, MS Crandall, IG Guerrero Ochoa. 2019. The importance of incorporating intertemporal and spatial log market dynamics in projections of residue-based biomass supply for liquid biofuel production in western Oregon and Washington, US. Forest Policy and Economics 106 (September 2019)
  3. Crandall MS, DM Adams, CA Montgomery, D Smith. 2017. The potential rural development impacts of utilizing non-merchantable forest biomass. Forest Policy and Economics 74: 20-29
  4. Latta GS, DM Adams, KP Bell, JD Kline. 2016. Evaluating land-use and private forest management responses to a potential forest carbon offset sales program in western Oregon (USA). Forest Policy and Economics 65:1–8.
  5. Haim D, DM Adams, EM White. 2014. Determinants of demand for wood products markets in the U.S. construction sector: an econometric analysis of a system of demand equations. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 44(10):1217-1226.
  6. White EM, G Latta, RJ Alig, KE Skog, DM Adams. 2013. Biomass Production from the U.S. Forest and Agriculture Sectors in Support of a Renewable Electricity Standard. Energy Policy 58(2013): 64-74.