Sinha, Arijit

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Associate Professor of Renewable Materials
Wood Science & Engineering
Office Location: 

234 Richardson Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-6713
Fax Number: 
(541) 737-3385
PhD, 2010 - Wood Science and Civil Engineering (dual major), Oregon State University
MS, 2007 - Wood Science and Civil Engineering (dual major), Oregon State University
BE, 2003 - Civil Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi, India
Research Areas: 
  • Resource Extension and Optimization
  • Timber Mechanics and Structural Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Building Connections
  • Building Lifecycle Analysis
  • Green Building Materials
  • Renewable Materials Product Development
  • Structural Engineering
  • Wood-based Composites
My research interest and focus lies in achieving sustainability in society, especially in the built environment by using intelligent and integrated design process, and developing renewable material based green products. My specific interests are - Green building materials; Sustainable built environment; Product development for efficient use of renewable materials; Life cycle analysis.


Graduate Major Advisor
Courses Taught: 
WSE 392 (Ecampus)
Bamboolooza: The Fascinating World of Bamboo
An exploration of the world of bamboo and its application to renewable products. This course provides an in-depth understanding of a renewable material bamboo from its native form to processed products. Additionally, this course discusses the utilization and perception of bamboo in different societies of the world.
WSE 592
Advanced Wood Design
Study of advanced concepts in wood properties and design. Design and analysis of specialty wood connectors. Design of wood members for adverse conditions including fire design. Common failure mechanisms and forensic engineering concepts. Design for durability.