Muszynski, Lech

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Wood Science & Engineering
Office Location: 

106 Richardson Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-9479
Fax Number: 
(541) 737-3385
Ph.D. in Forestry and Wood Technology, Agricultural University of Poznan
M.S. in Wood Technology, Agricultural University of Poznan
Research Areas: 
  • Novel Composite Materials
  • Advanced Manufacturing
Research Interests: 
  • Adhesive Bond Micromechanics
  • Innovative Measurement Methods
  • Mass Timber Elements
  • Solid Wood Mechanical Performance
  • Wood-based Composites


Graduate Major Advisor
Courses Taught: 
WSE 322
Physical & Mechanical Properties of Renewable Materials
Introduction to thermodynamics and mechanics of plant fibers, solid wood and bio-based composites: hygroscopicity; heat and mass transport; statics, elasticity and strength of materials; mechanical properties.
WSE 324
Renewable Materials Lab
Integrates the knowledge gained in the core science courses (WSE 321 and WSE 322) to help students obtain a deeper understanding of how chemistry, physics, and anatomy affect renewable material properties. The course uses renewable fiber materials such as hardwoods, softwoods, natural fibers, bamboo, composite wood products (e.g. OSB, plywood, MDF, etc.) and fiber-based products (e.g. wood-plastic composites, natural fiber composites, straw panels, paper, etc.) to examine the intricate relationships between fundamental properties and performance.