Montgomery, Claire

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Emeritus Professor
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Office Location: 

210 Snell Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-4952
Fax Number: 
(541) 737-3049
PhD, 1990, Economics, University of Washington
MF, 1986, Forest Economics, University of Washington
BS, 1984, Forest Management, Oregon State University
BA, 1976, Fine Art, Portland State University
Research Areas: 
  • Forest Policy Analysis and Economics
Research Interests: 
  • Forest Economics
  • Natural Resources
Current programs include: economics of biodiversity; forest land use trade-offs; and economics of wildland fire.

Current projects include: Cost-effective forest wildfire management: Incentives matter; Community considerations in prioritizing forest fire fuel treatments; Letting fires burn: an analysis of the opportunity cost of fire suppression; New Computational Tolls for Sustainable Ecosystem Management.
Courses Taught: 
Selected Publications: 
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