Mangla, Seema

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Forest Ecosystems & Society
Wood Science & Engineering
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201B Richardson Hall

Courses Taught: 
WSE 266 (Ecampus)
Industrial Hemp
Introduction to the botany, biology and agronomy of the hemp plant, and the origins, historical contexts and implications of contemporary legal and social issues surrounding its use for food, fiber, and building products.
WSE 392 (Ecampus)
Bamboolooza: The Fascinating World of Bamboo
An exploration of the world of bamboo and its application to renewable products. This course provides an in-depth understanding of a renewable material bamboo from its native form to processed products. Additionally, this course discusses the utilization and perception of bamboo in different societies of the world.
WSE 470 (Ecampus)
Forests, Wood, and Civilization
Multidisciplinary examination of issues related to the roles of forests, trees, and wood in civilization, as providers of commodities, ecosystem services, and spiritual and artistic inspiration. Issues include global supply and demand, wood ownership and political power, and perceptions and uses of forest resources in different societies.