Davis, Emily Jane

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Forest Ecosystems & Society
B.A., McGill University
M.A., University of British Columbia
Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Research Areas: 
  • Integrated Social and Ecological Systems
Research Interests: 
  • Extension
  • Natural Resources
  • Rural Development
  • Social Science
Natural resource social science, environmental governance, collaboration, community organization and development, wildfire response, science delivery and social learning. Current research includes: Understanding the Role and Cost of NEPA in Forest Service Project Planning, with and funded by PNW Research Station; Go Big or Go Home? Tools and Processes for Scaling up Collaborative Forest Restoration, funded by the Institute for Working Forest Landscapes; Evaluating Collaboratives as a Model of Natural Resource Governance, with and funded by PNW Research Station; Range Fire Protection Associations: A Collaborative Model for Fire-Adapted Communities, with University of Oregon and PNW Research Station, funded by Joint Fire Science Program; and Community-Based Organizations and Rural Economic Development, with University of Oregon and North Carolina State University, funded by USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative.
Selected Publications: 
  1. Wollstein, K, & Davis, E.J. 2019. New Modes of Environmental Governance in Greater Sage- Grouse Conservation in Oregon. Published online in Society and Natural Resources, September 2019.
  2. Davis, E.J., Abrams, J., & Wollstein, K. Fire on the Range: Rangeland Fire Protection Associations as Disaster Response Organizations. Published online in Disasters, March 2019.
  3. White, E.M., Lindberg, K., Davis, E.J., & Spies, T.A., 2019. Use of Science and Modeling by Practitioners in Landscape-Scale Management Decisions. Journal of Forestry 117(3): 267-279.
  4. Davis, E.J., Cerveny, L.K., Ulrich, D.R., & Nuss, M.L. 2018. Making and Breaking Trust in Forest Collaborative Groups. Humboldt Journal of Social Relations Special Issue: The American West After the Timber Wars 1 (40): 211-231.
  5. Abrams, J., Wollstein, K., & Davis, E. J. 2018. State Lines, Fire Lines, and Lines of Authority: Rangeland Fire Management and Bottom-Up Cooperative Federalism. Land Use Policy 75, 252-259.
  6. Please contact me for a list of my policy and practitioner-oriented publications.