Alleau, Yvan

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Senior Faculty Research Assistant 1
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Office Location: 

201L Richardson Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-4149
MS, 2002, Oceanography, Oregon State University
BS, 1997, Chemistry, University of Poitiers (France)
Selected Publications: 
  1. Goñi, M.A., Moore, E., Portier, E., Merrell, D., Alleau, Y., Kurtz A. (2014) Distribution of organic matter in soils along the Fly River, Papua New Guinea. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences.
  2. Reimers, C.E., Alleau, Y., Bauer, J.E., Delaney, J., Girguis, P.R., Schrader, P.S., and Stecher, H.A., III. (2013) Redox effects on the microbial degradation of refractory organic matter in marine sediments. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 121, 582-598.
  3. Goñi, M.A., Hatten, J.A., Wheatcroft R.A., Borgeld J. (2013) Particulate organic matter export by two contrasting small mountainous rivers in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences 118: 112-134 (doi:10.1002/jgrg.20024).
  4. Warrick, J.A., Hatten, J.A., Pasternack, G.B., Gray, A.B., Goñi, M.A., Wheatcroft, R.A. (2013) The effects of wildfire on the sediment yield of a coastal California watershed. Geological Society of America Bulletin 124 (7-8): 1130-1146 (doi: 10.1130/B30451.1).
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  7. Moskalski, S.M., Torres, R., Bizimis, M., Goñi, M., Bergamaschi, B., Fleck, J. (2013) Low-tide rainfall effects on metal content of suspended sediment in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Continental Shelf Research 56: 39-55 (doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2013.02.001).
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  11. Pasqual, C., Goñi, M., Tesi, T., Sanchez-Vidal, A., Calafat, A., Canals, M. (2013) Composition and provenance of terrigenous organic matter transported along submarine canyons in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean).Progress in Oceanography, 2013.07.013.