Adams, Darius

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Professor Emeritus
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
Phone Number: 
(541) 207-7614
PhD, 1972, Wildland Resource Science, UC-Berkeley
MS, 1968, Forest Science, Yale University
BS, 1966, Forest Management, Humboldt State University
Research Interests: 
  • Forest Economics
  • Forest Policy, Public
Forest economics, modeling and analysis of forest products markets, econometrics, forest policy
Current Programs include: Forest sector modeling; estimating the impacts of carbon sequestration strategies through tree planting; price-based substitution of wood and non-wood products
Selected Publications: 
  1. Crandall MS, DM Adams, CA Montgomery, D Smith. The Potential Rural Development Impacts of Utilizing Non-Merchantable Forest Biomass. Forest Policy and Economics (forthcoming).
  2. Latta GS, DM Adams, KP Bell, JD Kline. 2016. Evaluating land-use and private forest management responses to a potential forest carbon offset sales program in western Oregon (USA). Forest Policy and Economics 65:1–8.
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